Creating SPACE With Custom Storage

In every home there is a challenge finding enough useable storage space.  Custom storage is a great way to add more useable space in your home while giving your home a more upgraded cohesive look.  Minimizing clutter and using storage solutions can help with any size home by maximizing the amount of useable space.

Master ClosetDesign a dream closet that works for you.

Your existing closet is one area that easily becomes overrun with extra clutter.  It seems this is always where random items end up from guest bedding to luggage.  By customizing your dream closet to utilize all the useable space while providing a “place” for everything.  Installing shelves or pull out drawers along the walls for easy access to clothing and shoes keeps everything off of the floor while the addition of an island can add even more convenience.


PANTRY-2Install open shelving

Increasing storage in an unexpected way can make for a stunning kitchen.  It gives the opportunity to display what makes your kitchen great.  From beautiful dishes or the ever growing cookbook collection, show off what makes this space “you.”  Showing off what you want to be seen keeps hidden storage open for everything you don’t.  Open shelving can add personality and a bit of charm while still being a functional part of the room.


ET-CENTER-2Customize your entertainment

Whether it be in your living room or in your bedroom, customizing your entertainment center can add storage and seamless finish to your home.  Add additional hanging and drawer space to your display areas and make a place for everything.  You can even use large wall units to hide a secret treasure like a hidden ironing board or murphy bed!  Any room can benefit from the addition!



OH_723Add a custom kitchen island or cart

By adding a kitchen island or rolling cart you will be able to create a larger storage space for all of your kitchen accessories.  It is always a challenge to find a place for all those oversized gadgets, but with this storage addition you will be able to store them neatly when not in use.  In addition to the storage, it will also provide added counter space, work area, or even a raised eating bar.   Because this is custom to your kitchen, feel free to hide that wine chiller you have had your eye on or refrigerator drawers!  Oh the possibilities!



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