ORG Home Introduces Shoe Shrine


Recent consumer research shows that people are looking for a better way to store their shoes. That’s why we developed Shoe Shrine® – a revolutionary new way to showcase and organize shoes by style, season, or family member.

A unique adjustable steel shelf design lets the Shoe Shrine® tailor spaces to fit the height of any shoe or boot, maximizing visibility and adding efficient, elegant organization to any space.

The Shoe Shrine® offers many benefits for typical shoe buyers and shoe lovers alike, including:



  • Durable steel shelves can be moved up or down easily, and are held into place with removable metal pins—no tools required.
  • Flexible design makes it simple to add, remove or rearrange shoes as styles and seasons change.986


  • Individual storage spaces create a perfect fit for all styles and sizes of shoes from flats to heels to boots.
  • Side panels help keep tall boots upright to avoid creasing.


  • The open design keeps every pair visible, making it easy to browse a whole collection at once, then grab and go.

Efficient Use of Space

  • The slim profile of the shelves leaves more open space in between for storing shoes.


  • A minimalist shelf design creates a clean, elegant look that lets shoes be the focal point.
  • Four on-trend shelf color options are available to personalize any space.



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