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Bi-Fold Murphy Bed by ORG Home

Why Choose a Murphy Bed? Let Us Show You!

ORG Home Murphy Beds were created for the many roles you expect your home to play, letting you transition from home office, library, or open space to a bedroom or welcoming guestroom at a moment’s notice. Bed frames are designed for standard mattresses, offering uncompromised comfort for every night … [Read More...]


Inner Peace and a Great Closet – ORG Home

What Every Woman Wants Inner Peace - and a Great Closet Imagine a peaceful place where you can relax, refocus, or rejuvenate at the beginning or end of each day. With a custom closet, you can treat yourself to a personal haven right in your home. You choose the colors and storage features to fit … [Read More...]


Well Equipped Entryways – ORG Home

Well-Equipped Entryways Create a positive first impression with effecient storage for everything you need as you go in and out the door. Greet guests in style with a range of on-trend colors and looks. Hold everything with hooks for everyone's hats, jackets, and bags. Use every inch of … [Read More...]


6 Ways to Save Time in Your Laundry Room – ORG Home

6 Ways to Save Time in Your Laundry Room - ORG Home   Ever wish you could spend less time doing laundry? With a few strategic updates to the layout of your laundry room, you can make every step from sorting to folding and hanging faster and easier. By designating space for each activity and … [Read More...]


Rules to Follow in Custom Closet Design – Sam Ferris

While researching to find new ideas and approaches to custom cabinetry, I came across this blog by Sam Ferris on Houzz.com.  It is EVERYTHING we ask our clients when designing a custom closet.  These steps are a great starting point for anyone thinking about investing in a custom closet, doing it … [Read More...]


Sleeping Solutions for Small SPACEs – ORG Home

Sleeping Solutions for Small SPACEs When you're expecting company, welcoming a kid home from college, or making room for last-minute guests, a spare bedroom is a welcome addition. But the rest of the year, an extra bed may take up more floor space than you'd like. With a Murphy Bed, you get the … [Read More...]



  PARK. PLAY. PUT AWAY. - ORG Home Garage Your garage is an informal entryway into the home, but it can be so much more. Upgrading your garage with custom organizers can improve its appearance, keep it orderly, and elevate this underused space into a convenient place to entertain family … [Read More...]


Ingredients for the Ideal Home Pantry – ORG Home

Ingredients for the Ideal Home Pantry - ORG Home Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just preparing your daily meals, a built-in butler’s pantry can transform simple storage into a space that streamlines your tasks, shows off your style, and lets you entertain graciously. Here are a few pro … [Read More...]

The Tridge, Midland, MI

“Made in Midland” Video Showcases Local Manufacturers

“Made in Midland” Video Showcases Local Manufacturers Click here for Video Midland, MI – When Herbert H. Dow founded The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI, he not only created what would evolve into a globally successful company, but also inspired an entrepreneurial spirit that spread … [Read More...]

Meet the Expert

Julie Hays
Julie Hays is a professional organizer who enjoys helping her friends, family and clients de-clutter and get organized. She is passionate about being part of the process of creating custom organizational solutions that increase productivity and put order back into professional and personal spaces.

Julie offers hands-on encouragement, motivation and support in decluttering and re-organizing, treating her clients with respect as she helps to make their daily lives less stressful and more efficient. She actually looks forward to sorting through closets, offices, basements and garages. So, if you would like her assistance with a large or small organizing project, please contact SPACE within at 989-835-5151.