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ORG Home Introduces Shoe Shrine

INTRODUCING SHOE SHRINE® Recent consumer research shows that people are looking for a better way to store their shoes. That’s why we developed Shoe Shrine® – a revolutionary new way to showcase and organize shoes by style, season, or family member. A unique adjustable steel shelf design lets … [Read More...]


Organizing Series – Kids Room Tips – ORG Home

Take Baby Steps When it's time to de-clutter and clean, approach the child's room like any other. Take baby steps and do one thing at a time. First, skim away trash. Then, hamper dirty laundry. Move on to big stuff and fill in with parts and pieces. You don't have to be the cleaning fairy, … [Read More...]


Why Decluttering Makes You Happy – Kylie Browne

We just loved this article by Kylie Browne so much we had to post it!  Thank you Kylie for this, it is just so true! Why Decluttering Makes You Happy <style>.woocommerce-product-gallery{ opacity: 1 !important; }</style> Everyone has some degree of … [Read More...]


How Much Are Custom Closets Worth When Selling Your Home?

How Much Are Custom Closets Worth When Selling Your Home? Author: Denise Butchko How about “alot”? Yes, custom closets are worth every penny (and then some) in terms of the resale of a home. That’s probably not an answer you’re satisfied with. How about 100% ROI?  Does that make custom closets … [Read More...]


A Fresh Look for the Laundry Room – ORG Home

Welcome Spring! Spring is the perfect time to organize and refresh your home. Whether it's a custom laundry room or a closet makeover, these savvy storage ideas will inspire you to create beautiful new spaces that make staying organized a breeze. A FRESH LOOK FOR THE LAUNDRY ROOM With a … [Read More...]

Bi-Fold Murphy Bed by ORG Home

Why Choose a Murphy Bed? Let Us Show You!

ORG Home Murphy Beds were created for the many roles you expect your home to play, letting you transition from home office, library, or open space to a bedroom or welcoming guestroom at a moment’s notice. Bed frames are designed for standard mattresses, offering uncompromised comfort for every night … [Read More...]

Meet the Expert

Julie Hays
Julie Hays is a professional organizer who enjoys helping her friends, family and clients de-clutter and get organized. She is passionate about being part of the process of creating custom organizational solutions that increase productivity and put order back into professional and personal spaces.

Julie offers hands-on encouragement, motivation and support in decluttering and re-organizing, treating her clients with respect as she helps to make their daily lives less stressful and more efficient. She actually looks forward to sorting through closets, offices, basements and garages. So, if you would like her assistance with a large or small organizing project, please contact SPACE within at 989-835-5151.